Use cooked Pancetta as a substitute for bacon!

It’s as practical as it is delicious, because it’s ready to eat!

Pancetta is the ideal alternative to bacon in a variety of dishes. It’s delightful for breakfast with eggs or in an omelet, in a Caesar salad, with pasta, or in countless other recipes.

Fantino & Mondello pancetta is fully cooked. That means it’s ready to toss into your favourite salad! If you prefer a crunchier texture, sauté the pancetta cubes on the stovetop for a few minutes beforehand – it’s that easy!

Choose between our Original Pancetta or our Traditional Pancetta with Black Pepper depending on your recipe and your flavour preferences.

The more versatile flavour of the Original Pancetta makes it the ideal complement to your favourite seasonings.

For several years now, Pancetta with Black Pepper has been a favourite among our loyal consumers, who love its heightened flavour.