Chorizo sandwich with grilled vegetables

Make your lunch a gourmet event with this chorizo, squash, red pepper and grilled eggplant sandwich.


4 sandwiches


15 minutes


15 minutes



  • 75 ml (5 tbsp) olive oil, divided
  • 1 green zucchini, cut diagonally into 8 slices
  • 1 whole red pepper
  • 1 small eggplant cut into ½ in. slices
  • 45 ml (3 tbsp) fresh basil leaves, chiffonade
  • 80 ml (1/3 cup) or more store-bought, to taste
  • Zest from ½ a lemon
  • 10 ml (2 tsp) lemon juice, divided
  • 8 slices specialty bread (sourdough, for example)
  • 500 ml (2 cups) fresh arugula
  • 20 slices Fantino & Mondello chorizo
  • Salt, to taste
  • Freshly ground pepper


  1. Preheat the BBQ to medium-high. Brush, clean and oil the grills.
  2. In a bowl, brush the zucchini, the whole red pepper and eggplant slices with 30 ml (2 tbsp) olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Grill the vegetables on the BBQ* for 8 to 12 minutes, or until they are dark golden. Let cool.
  4. Cut the pepper into strips and add to the other vegetables. Add the basil and set aside.
  5. In the meantime, in a bowl, combine the hummus, lemon zest and 5 ml (1 tsp) lemon juice. Set aside.
  6. Brush the bread slices with 30 ml (2 tbsp) of olive oil. Toast the bread on the BBQ** for 1 minute on each side or until the slices are toasted. Set aside.
  7. Before assembling the sandwiches, toss the arugula with 15 ml (1 tbsp) of olive oil and 5 ml (1 tsp) of lemon juice. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper and stir.
  8. Spread the toasted bread with hummus and top 4 slices with the vegetables. Add 5 slices of Fantino and Mondello chorizo. Top with the fresh arugula and finish assembling the sandwiches.
  9. Serve immediately.


*The vegetables can be roasted in the oven instead of on the BBQ. Simply line a baking sheet with aluminium foil and bake in the oven (preheated to 450 F) for 12 to 15 minutes, or until dark golden.

**The bread can be toasted in the oven instead of on the BBQ. Simply place the bread on a baking sheet and brush with olive oil. Broil in the oven for 1 to 2 minutes or until toasted. Keep a close watch because toast burns quickly!

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