Mini grilled cheese with Original Salametti

Got the munchies? These tiny grilled cheese sandwiches with original salametti are the answer! They’re as delicious as they are quick to make!


According to the number of guests


5 minutes


10 minutes



  • Slices of ciabatta or other sliced bread of your choice
  • Blend of grated mozzarella and Swiss cheese, or other sliced cheese
  • Thin-sliced Original Salametti
  • Butter


  1. Slice the ciabatta bread.
  2. Generously butter both sides of the bread slices.
  3. On one slice of bread, alternate: cheese, Salametti, cheese, then top with another slice of bread.
  4. Sauté in a cast iron pan or on an aluminium tray on the grill or over a wood fire. Heat until the bread is golden brown. Turn over to grill the other side and melt the cheese. If you use larger slices of bread, use a spatula to slightly flatten the sandwich and hold it together.


Do you enjoy foods with a little zing? Add in a little Calabrese Salametti! Enjoy!

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