Our family
of charcuteries

Unhurriedly prepared using only the highest quality ingredients, our Italian charcuteries truly complete the table when it comes to savouring the best moments in life.


Enjoy a taste of today’s dolce vita with our authentic Italian charcuterie made in Canada from the finest ingredients.

Sandwich charcuteries

These thin sliced charcuteries are perfect for your daily or special sandwiches, and also for your delicious charcuterie platters.


Our wide variety of Italian salami is sure to please connoisseurs big and small. Delicious as part of a charcuterie platter.

Sliced Charcuteries

Our sliced charcuteries are a perfect pizza topping and a great addition to any of your favourite dishes.

Diced Charcuteries

Cut into small cubes and ready to serve, our diced charcuteries can be added to salads and any of your favourite dishes.

Deli meats at the counter

Discover our premium charcuteries at supermarket deli counters! They’re delicious in sandwiches and your favourite dishes.