Pepperoni & cheese pizza

Cette pizza pepperoni et fromage est un classique dont on ne se lasse pas. Notre pepperoni séché lui donne un goût unique que vous apprécierez!


4 slices


5 minutes


15 minutes




  1. Thaw the pizza dough in the refrigerator overnight or on the counter for 3 hours at room temperature.
  2. Spread the dough on the work surface; sprinkle with flour for easier handling.
  3. Spread the pizza sauce on the dough.
  4. Add grated cheese to cover the entire pizza.
  5. Top with pepperoni to suit your taste.*
  6. Bake in oven for 15 minutes, or until the crust is golden.



This recipe can also be prepared using a pre-cooked pizza crust.

Add mushrooms and green peppers to transform your pepperoni & cheese pizza into an all-dressed pizza!

*Fantino&Mondello dry pepperoni has the advantage of not burning in the oven. Accordingly, it can be layered under or on top of the cheese, as you prefer.

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